Developing Hot Stove: RA Dickey to the Kansas City Royals??


Jon Heyman from CBS Sports is reporting that the Kansas City Royals and the New York Mets have discussed possibilty obtaining SP R.A. Dickey for some young prospects. The Royals are trying to avoid including Wil Myers, Salvador Perez, Alex Gordon, or Billy Butler in any deal.

Mack you would know better than anyone else....who could the Royals include, besides the four names above, that would make this a worthwhile trade?

Mack - 

Okay... first of all, this could be very good news for the future of this team.

First of all, the bad news... the Royals will never move C Salvador Perez, 3B Mike Moustakas, or 1B Eric Hosmer.

Regarding OF Wil Meyers (37-HR, 109-RBI in AAA in 2012), there's a big difference between "never move" and "isn't looking to move". The current headline on MetsBlog is wrong. Meyers is movable for the right pitcher.

The Royals have a shitload of great minor league prospect starters, but no one to help get them to the World Series in 2013. They want Jon Niese, but I believe they would agree to a Dickey-Meyers trade... plus, another second prospect.

They are very happy with their current outfield so there really is no room for Meyers, unless you trade Jeff Francoeur.

The future star outfielder in KC is Bubba Starling but he's at least 3 years away

The "throw-in" second player in this trade could be either:

2B Christian Colon, .289 in AA, ended year in AAA

OF Brett Eibner, 15-HR, 53-RBI in A+… 165-K in 423-AB

OF David Lough (all 3 OF positions, 4th outfielder potential)

I would accept any of these three, but I'd be dancing in the streets if it was Colon. The other two would give the Mets much needed outfield depth.


Greg b said...

Mack what kind of player is myers. Is he considerd major league ready. What do scouts say how good he be? Thanks

Anthony Carnacchio said...

Lets be serious.. the Mets are crazy if they have the opportunity to trade Dickey for Myers... righty stick with pop? Its a no brainer in my book.. I love Mr. Dickey but this team needs sticks... If this trade is out there Sandy better step on it. Honestly, if the right trade for Niese was out there too.. I'd do it.. It may cripple the rotation for 2013 but I think there is enough talent to make up for it.

Mack Ade said...


He is major league ready and considered the real deal

he has been injured a couple of times which is his only down side...

he's a centerfielder... AND... a catcher

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