Mark Mokris - An Attorney's Spin on the Wright Contract


Hi Mack,

I just thought I would point out another issue in the David Wright negotiations that I haven't seen really reported. May be because I am an attorney I sometimes tend to focus on the Sports Agent in negotiations. After the Melky Cabrera fiasco where an ACES employee was found to be fabricating evidence there has been a mass exodus of players from that agency. Sam and Seth Levinson's continued viability as Sports Agents is largely riding on getting a major deal for David Wright. If it looks too easy than they don't get the credibility they desperately need to stop the bleeding. Once Longoria signed it did two things that hurt an announcement this week. First, it further solidified the years and salary that Wright would most likely to receive. Remember there was already the Zimmerman contract for comparison. Secondly, if Wright's extension is announced at the same time as Longoria's than it kind of loses some of its luster as it is just another signing of a third baseman. It is in the Levinson's best interests to get maximum press out of this. The Mets may want to get this contract done before the Winter Meetings but the Levinsons would probably like the stage of the Winter Meetings. Just remember in all of this that David Wright is a very loyal person and that means he is loyal to both the Mets and the Levinsons so he's going to try to help the Levinsons in their time of need. For all of the Mets fans that are now saying that Wright is holding out for more money may be just may be this all about the timing of the announcement and putting loyalty first.  


Anonymous said...

I don't agree...

The Mets are spending 138 million here and they'll decided as the employer when and where the announcement is made once he signs his contract.

At this point, it seems Murphy's wedding is holding off the announcement due to an inability of Wright to get a physical because of his attendance.

I really doubt the news of a 8 year 138 million contract is going to go unnoticed throughout the industry. The Levinsons will get to bask in that spotlight in due time...whenever the Mets get the signed contract.

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