2013 Draft – LHSP – Matthew Boyd – Oregon State


Mack -  Afternoon everyone. We’re talking today with one of the projected top left handed pitchers in next June’s draft, Oregon State’s Matthew Boyd. Afternoon Matthew (Matt?). Getting ready for the season?

Matt - Thanks Mack, but yes I'm getting ready for the season. Finishing up my time here with the firebirds in the Cape League playoffs starting tomorrow but I cannot wait to get back to Corvallis and toe it up with all my guys.

Mack – 2012 looked like a lot of good (40-20) with a disappointing ending (Baton Rouge regional loss to LSU). Still, tell us about a great year played by a great team.

Matt: - Well you're right it was a great year. It ended too early on all of our standards but it was still a good year. We really came together as a club and I don't think I've played on a team with as much chemistry as we had. That's one of the big reasons I decided to come back, the fact that basically our whole team is returning. We are all anxious to pick up where we left off.

Mack: Re “coming back”… I’m not one of those guys that throw a mike in front of your face and try and get a response that I can make my bones on, but, since you brought it up, 13th round money is still pretty good. Take us through the steps that led you to the decision to some back and play with Conforto?

Matt - It had to do with the opportunity. I've always wanted to play big league ball, and I still know that I will one day. But after many talks with Coach Casey I could not turn down the opportunity of coming back to a squad that returned a whole pitching staff and virtually the whole lineup. I love playing with every one of my teammates and I know were going to do something very special here this year. The dream of winning a national championship will only be here for another year while the dream of wearing a big league uniform will still be there.

Mack: That’s what I wanted to hear… win the whole enchilada with my boys. Is there any chance we’ll see you warming up on the mound before the start of the first inning?

Matt - Yes sir there is. That is the plan as of now. That is one of the main things I've been working on this summer is to approach the game as a starter

Mack – Can I get a ‘you heard it here first…” lol. Matt, in closing, I’ve got a lot of high school freshman and sophomores (and their parents) that read Mack’s Mets. Is there one piece of advice you can give them to get them closer to their baseball dreams someday?

Matt - Stay passionate about the game and enjoy it every day. Be grateful that you get to play a game every day and play all 27 outs like they're your last 27 outs you'll ever play. "If you think you can or think you can't, you're right."

Mack – Thank you Matt, stay strong, and God Bless.


Shankbone said...

Nice interview. I've had Matt Boyd on my watch list for over a year. Hope he gets a chance to take the bump. I like his reasons for staying in school.

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