Q and A - SNY and New TV Money


Mark Mokris asked:

Why don't any of the writers press Mets ownership on not including any money from SNY, major league network packages, and pending All Star game revenue in this year’s budget? 
The Mets could easily go up to a budget of 130 or even 150 million this year and still not have any concerns of losing money.  How much different would the Mets be if they signed say A.J. Pierzinski for a 2 year for 5 to 10 million annually,  he is supposedly looking for 2 year 10 million dollar deal which should fit in Mets budget anyway and by end of 2014 Mets should know what they have with Kevin Plawecki.  Then sign one of the top three centerfield options in Bourne, Upton, or Victorino if they can sign Bourne or Upton for 3 years plus options or Victorino for 2 year deal.  That would only leave having to make a deal for a  right fielder which I would  call Rockies about Michael Cuddyer who can play multiple positions.  They would be legitimate contenders.  Should't even Bud Selig want the Mets to be relevant coming into the All Star game? 


A couple of things:

1.    Mets writers have tried to tie down Sandy Alderson on future monies, but he stops the in their tracts. He steadfastly sticks to the “around $100mil figures he’s been telling the press from the get-go. The bean counters have the Mets pretty tied down right now and it's still hard to get borrowing power on an individual 'business' that lost $40mil a year ago.

2.    Joe D from Metsmerized joined un in ‘The War Room’ this past Sunday (you should too!) and he, like I, think Alderson has been toying with all of us. Joe is much better connected these days with the inner circle and he sees a 2013 payroll in the $220-230 range.

3.    By my estimates, after releasing a bunch of guys, there seems to be around $10-11mil available even if you keep the payroll at $100mil, so I expect on decent outfielder before the season starts.

4.    Bud Selig is so far up Fred Wilpon’s ass that you never see him question the motives of his good friend. Selig can read spread sheets. The investment portfolio of the Wilpon and Katz family is just fine. They just treat the Mets like a lower East Side walk-up. 


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