Draft 13 – Q and A - OF – Kevin Jordon – Wake Forest


Mack -  We’re going to stay in the college ranks an move over to the ACC where we find Wake Forest’s prospect outfielder, junior Kevin Jordan. Good morning Kevin. Is your summer ball schedule done now?

Kevin – I believe I'll be playing for Brewster.

Mack - This is a big year for you. Take us back to the day when someone first put a glove in your hands and who told you to go play in the outfield?

Kevin –Well I was sort of a big fish growing up playing in a one stop light town in the middle of Georgia. I pitched and played shortshop until high school when coaches suggest outfield would be better use of my speed. And yes, this is a big year but for myself, mentally I need to feel success because it has been a while. At the same time I never doubt my ability on the field.

Mack – Let’s talk about Wake for a second. I see that you are travelling to the Dominican Republic for six games in December, just after fall practice ends. That sounds exciting.

Kevin - Yes it caught me by surprise. Fall baseball can get repetitive when you're just scrimmaging every day and some people may not get up for the scrimmages. Playing in the Dominican gives us a chance to compete against someone else. Also our road record last year wasn't good and this is exactly what we need.

MLSBonusBaby - All in all, it was easy to see why scouts are attracted to Jordan and his tools. There were about half a dozen area scouts in attendance, most of which had been at the Georgia-Stetson matchup the night before. They were all there to see Jordan, and none even used a radar gun or moved from their spots up the left field line, with four staying put beyond the third base dugout for the entire game until Jordan’s last at-bat, when they promptly left. All had stopwatches in their hands and only paid attention when Jordan was involved with the action. I generally liked what I saw from Jordan in terms of the physical tools, but he’ll have to prove to me that he can actually show some effort before I think of him as a first-day prospect. For now, I peg him personally as a fourth-round or later guy, and his makeup was a big negative. Not knowing him personally, I’m not sure if his overall makeup is a minus, but his live game makeup was a big drawback for me.

Mack – Kevin, you’re obviously on the draft map, but what can you do to your game this season (and how are you working on that now) that can raise you a couple of rounds on draft day?

Kevin - I'm also working on speed and agility. I need to cut down on the strikeouts from last year so I can use my speed on offense. The top end speed has always been there but the first few steps has been my focus this fall. If I cut down on the strikeouts, steal more bags, score more runs and show range in the outfield I'll help my team and draft stock

Mack – I can’t stress the importance of K/AB ratio at this point in your game. It only gets worse as the crème rises to the top. Lastly for now (I’ll check back mid-season… anything you want to say to the readers out there?

Mack - Kevin, I purposely haven't brought up the transplant because I thought you would enjoy an interview without that subject. Do you agree?

Kevin - It doesn't bother me but it is refreshing to just talk baseball.

Mack – Then we’ll leave it here.


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