2011 Draft - Bradley Marguez, Jonathan Clark, Travis Taijeron, Dustin Lawley, Mason Robbins


16 (492) CF Bradley Marquez  -  Marguez is the first of five CFers
 picked in a row. This was basically a high school football star that was committed to Texas Tech. He did play baseball, and there was a deal in place that he could play in the Mets system while maintaining his eligibility to play college baseball. A very raw project who is a super athlete and Mets fans have now been aided after he suffered a season-ending knee injury. There were already chatter that he was going to give up football at the end of this season, so, I assume, if the knee heal, he will join the Mets full time. So far, 30-Abs for Kingport (.267). He will play 2013 as a 20-year old, so I’d send him back to Kingsport to learn the game.

17 (522) CF Jonathan Clark -  Clark was a college boy who has been used only as a fill-in player. Looks to be a roster fill. Played for 4 teams in the past two years (174-AB, .195)

18 (552) CF Travis Taijeron -  another college player who has had two excellent seasons (2010 –Brooklyn - .299/.387/.557/.943, 9-HR, 44-RBI) and (2011 – Savannah - .291/.401/.548/.949, 12-HR, 44-RBI in basically half a season). The down side is he was promoted to St. Lucie and tanked (.203, 7-HR). Still, that’s 19-HRs in one season and he needs a full season at St. Lucie under his belt to determine his future.

19 (582) CF Dustin Lawley -  Lawley looked like just another 19th round college pick, but, he had a good season after the draft for Kingsport (232-AB, 9-HR, 43-RBI, .284), followed by a halfway decent season with a repeat of pop in Savannah this past year (.261, 14-HR, 66-RBI). The Mets think they may have a power bat here and sent him to the AFL for some more work. Now playing 3B which should wake up Aderlin Rodriguez.

20 (612) CF Mason Robbins  -  Robbins was a big time high school prospect that the Mets hoped to convince not to go to college like he projected. It didn’t work. 


Susana said...

Mack, how's this Robbins kid done in College?

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