Draft 13 - Q and A - RHP - Thomas Hatch


2013 Draft – Thomas Hatch – RHSP – Jenks H.S. (OK)

Mack – Today’s top prospect is the pride of Jenks High School (OK), RHSP senior Thomas Hatch. Three draft pundits already have Hatch picked in the first round and it’s an honor to spend some time with him today. Hey Thomas (Tom? Tommy?, DT?) How are things out in Oklahoma?
Hatch - Things are great. Right now I'm actually in Long Beach for Area Code but I was home for most of July working out and getting in shape to end the summer with a bang!
Mack – Let’s go where I go with everyone on the first question. Take us back to that day when someone put either a baseball or bat in your hands for the first time and take us up to today. Don’t spare any of the gory details J
Hatch - Well my dad is definitely the one who got me started with baseball. I was about 5 years old and played tee ball for my school. Then the next step was coach pitch for a couple years. I’d say one of the more exciting steps was from coach pitch to kid pitch. I was 9 years old and was finally got to pitch. So I pitched throughout little league being good pitcher but I was always a little a guy that had control and could really pitch. It was when I was about 15 when I had a growth spurt and my velocity sky rocketed. That is when I kind of figured that I was pretty good and could have a future in the game of baseball. Each year from then I matured and added a little velocity. And now here I am today committed to Oklahoma State (my dream school) and might possibly have an opportunity to play baseball for a living is an absolute blessing and I thank God for all of it.
Mack – Jenks High School is ranked 11th in the state and 295th nationally. Did you find the competition in your division a test to your abilities?
Hatch - Yes I did. Oklahoma has always had great baseball and produces a lot of great baseball players. Over the last two years I've played against 3 first rounders ( Dylan Bundy, Archie Bradley, & Ty Hensley). Our 2013 class in Oklahoma also has a lot of talent. Our Jenks team was really young last year and we should be experienced and loaded to make a run for a state championship next year.
Mack – You’re obviously going into the most important baseball year of your life. Other than summer ball, what are you concentrating on in this ‘off-season’ to improve your game before next June rolls around?
Hatch - I'll do baseball oriented workouts with a strength coach and work with my pitching coach to get every ounce of velocity out of my delivery. Also get in great shape so I can pitch 7 innings and retain all of my velocity through all 7 innings.
Mack – Thank you Thomas for your time and we’ll check back with you around mid-season.



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