2011 Draft - Christian Montgomery, Kenny Mathews, Robert Gsellman, Xorge Carrillo, Phillip Evans


photo by Allan Greene
11 – (342) – P Christian Montgomery -  Montgomery dropped in the draft due to shoulder problems and the fact that he came back too early and very overweight. It cost the Mets only $250K to sign him which might be a steal. Keith Law says that, if he comes back in shape, he definitely would have been a first round pick. I agree. I remember him being very high a year before the draft in the mocks I had compiled. He spent the 2012 season in Extended Camp, probably on a diet. They did sneak him in for two starts (6-23, 6-29) in Kingsport  (2-G, 2-ST, 0-1, 9.39, 7.2-IP, 7-K, 6-BB). He’ll pitch 2013 at 20-years old, so there is no rush (good… there’s no room for him anyway). My guess is Brooklyn, if he is ready.

12 (372) P Kenny Mathews -   The Mets went back to the high schools for this pick, but he simply didn’t sign. Was a hghly touted two-way player who seemed very open to signing on interviews on draft day. Even Jim Callis said he was leaning to signing.  I have no idea what turned this negotiation south but I assume it involved money. Mathews did go to CSF where he pitched 6-2, 3.68, 1.07, in 2012. A shame.

13 (402) P Robert Gsellman  -  Another high school pick (now 7 of the first 14 picks) that threw a few games for the GCL Mets in 2011. Was part of one of the worst teams in minor league history and held his own (1-3, 3.92, 1.37, 11-G, 5-ST, 43.2-IP, 33-K, 18-BB). Needs to work on control problems.  Far too early to determine what the team has here. Will play 2013 as a 19-year old. I’d send him back to Kingsport and put him in the rotation.

14 (432) C Xorge Carrillo -  these are the kind of picks that drive you crazy. He attended two years at Central Arizona College (.347 and .366) and then two more at Arizona State (.353, and .330). Great hitter, right?  So far, Brooklyn in 2011 (.217) and Savannah in 2012 (.154). Frankly, the only chance he has of sticking around this season is as a backup to Kevin Palwecki in Savannah. A bad pick.

15 (462) SS Phillip Evans – a classic steal… Evans had sent word that he wouldn’t be signing so he fell well below the round level (1-2… Keith Law had him as the 55th overall player) he was originally projected to be. The Mets pulled out over slot money ($650K equivalent to sup-1 money) and signed him. I was thrilled, but he hasn’t done much since. Played Brooklyn last season (294-AB, .252/.328/.337/.665, 5-HR, 29-RBI, 48-K, 31-BB). As you all know, the Mets went on to draft SS Gavin Cecchini in the first round this past draft. The assumption is Evans will move to second base if and when he gets in the way of Cecchini. In the long run, the Mets must not have liked what they saw in Evans.


Charles said...

Montgomery, Nimmo, Fulmer, Evans, Glessman and Marquez are all players that made the 2011 draft exciting. Over slot high schoolers who made us think the Mets minor league system would be transformed if this type of draft strategy would continue. Then 2012 happened and the Wilpon's money issues once again screwed over the franchise. 2012 was all about who they could get for just over or just under slot. Nobody knows this cold hard fact more then poor Teddy, who wanted to sign so bad he blew off a Arkansas commitment and went to junior college just to be draft eligible in 2013.

If that kid dominates and goes even earlier in the draft, I'm going to be pissed.

Another guy I wanted them to sign was Mason Robbins. Any word Mack on how he's doing? I don't know if he has played any college ball yet but I'm sure he has.

Yeah Nido, Flexen, and Cecchini do have have great upside, but I feel as if this draft will be a lucky if just 2 players end up in the majors at some point. I know it's too early, but the Teddy S fiasco pisses me off.

I remember after they didn't sign him, DePo said that it was okay because that draft allotment for that pick would roll over just like the pick itself would into the 2013 draft. He said the 2013 draft had a better class of players as well. Now we know only about 150,000 of the 600,000 of the slot money rolls over and I keep hearing this draft class might be worse then 2012. I wouldn't mind how they operate if they just didn't lie about why they do the things they do.

They think we are all so stupid and would believe every line of crap they feed us. As if we can just read the writing on the wall. You don't let a pitcher like Teddy walk over 60 grand unless you just don't have anymore cash. The only reason they never talked to his family over the last two weeks of the signing period was for fear he'd drop his price. They were afraid he'd take the under slot money and didn't have the money to do even that!!! But keep lying about it Mets, why be honest to the fans, they only keep the franchise from going bankrupt.

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