2011 Draft - John Gant, Casey Turgeon, Jeffrey Diehl, Tant Shepherd, A.J. Reed


21 (642) P John Gant  - Gant was another high school draftee that finished the 2010 season with the GCL-Mets (0-1, 6.48). He had a very good season in 2011 for a very bad Kingsport team (3-3, 4.55) whch featured dominant pitching during his last few outing. He ended the season with a late promotion to Savannah. 0-1 (10.38). It’s hard to say where he will slot in during the 2013 season. Savannah will be stocked with the old Brooklyn rotation and he just might be odd man out like Marcos Camarena was this past year.

22 (672) SS Casey Turgeon -  did not sign and went on to the University of Florida (.281).

23 (702) C Jeffrey Diehl -  Diehl signed late and didn’t play the 2011 season. He was given a fair shot in 2012 (171 ABs) with Kingsport in 2012 and hit .251/.291/.404/.695. Participated in the Instructs this past September so he should move on to Brooklyn next season.

24 (732) 1B Tant Shepherd -  four year college roster fill that did get some time in Kingsport (137-AB, .241) last season. Has no chance to go full season team in 2013.

25 (762) P  A.J. Reed -  High school player that didn’t sign and went on to Kentucky (5-3, 2.52).


Anonymous said...

Definitely 1 and maybe 2 from the Brooklyn rotation will go to Port St. Lucie and 1 may be turned into a reliever

Mack Ade said...

yeah, it's a mess...

my guess at least oe gets moved in a trade and Pants goes to the long man

Charles said...

Going to be a very interesting offseason. This FO, which makes a bundle, is going to have to earn it this year. They must rebuild the outfield on the cheap while not trading away the future.

Mack Ade said...

yeah... do you keep Torres around just because you are light in the loafers?

Mack Ade said...

Ya know Charles...

I cross referenced Facebook and last seasons Kingsport team and found 7 players that I haven't hooked up with as "friends".

I sent them a "friend request", slotting them into my Mack's Mets page.

Five minutes ago I was notified by Facebook that they have had "multiple reports" today from people saying that I contacted them when I didn't know them and Facebook has now suspended my account.

It breaks one's heart when all you are trying to do is offer a free promotional service to someone on the lowest rung of the ladder.

Charles said...

That's weird. I wouldn't worry, those Kingsport players are just kids really.

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