Draft 13 – Drew Ward, South Carolina, Louisville, Oklahoma, WWBA


I’ve received conflicting reports on whether or not projected top 2014 pick, SS Drew Ward, will finish school early and become elgible for the 2013 draft. I have contacted him in hopes of setting up an interview to discuss this, but, if it is true, the top end of the first round would change overnight. Right now, in no particular order, the first five picks look to be three pitchers (Mark Appel, Sean Manaea, Ryne Stanek), and two outfielders (Austin Meadows, Clint Frazier), but one of these would have to make room for Ward. Me? I still think at this point far away from draft day that Appel will be the first pick, followed by Stanek. The Stanek pick doesn’t mean he should have been ahead of one of the outfielders, but team officials panic when position players go off the board and they want to make sure they get one of the top ones out there before their name comes up again 30 players later. Ward actually could be the next pick. He’s projected that high ...

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