Draft 13 - Q and A - RHP - Dylan Covey


Mack - Good morning folks, we're excited and blessed to have with us today one of the top 2013 draft prospects out there, RHSP Dylan Covey, from the University of San Diego. Hey Dylan, thanks for spending some time with us today.

Dylan - Not a problem. Thank you.

Mack – Dylan, you’re about to experience both the most exciting year you’ve ever had on earth, while, at the same time, welcome to the bizarre world of advisors, wannabees, hangons, groupies, etc. As the boxing announce used to say, ‘are you ready to rumble’?

Dylan - Yea I definitely think I'm ready. During high school and leading up to the 2010 draft I was having advisors come up  to me after games wanting to meet and talk with me and I also had people I had never met before talking to me on Facebook and what not so I would like to say I might be past the world of advisors, groupies, hang-ons etc. I know this year will be a lot different than high school was, but I am definitely excited for it and 'ready to rumble'.

Mack – Dylan, don’t get me wrong, San Diego is a wonderful school and I would love my daughter to attend there next year instead of USCB. That being said, do you see the reduction of schedule strength having any effect on your future being one of the top three money picks come June?

Dylan - San Diego IS a great school. Regarding schedule strength, I'm not sure if that is meaning overall schedule or conference competition. Obviously the WCC is not the SEC or PAC-12. You don't hear of powerhouse teams typically coming from our conference, but I feel as though we have had some pretty good teams on our schedule every season so far. I don't think the scouts look at competition as much as they look into what the players bring to the table. Obviously success against great teams will help, but I believe it ultimately comes down to the skill set of the player.

Mack:  A two-part question… who was the person in your life that has influenced your game the most… and who was the person in your life that has influenced your life the most?

Dylan - I don't think I can point out one particular person, but it is definitely narrowed down to both of my parents and my older brother Nathan. Both my dad and my brother have influenced my game in ways i can't even describe. Both of them have coached me and my brother was my coach for 8-9 years (little league through high school). Both of them were great ball players and both of them made decisions that altered their goal of playing in the pros. They've pretty much groomed me to be the player I am now and to have the attitude that I have every time I pitch. And both of them as well as my mom have influenced my life because all they have done for me. I couldn't tell you how many hours the three of them have invested in me making me the person and player I am.

Mack – Thank you for your time. It is an honor to interview someone with your talent. Best of everything this upcoming season, and, if you don’t mind, we’ll check back with you around half-season to see how things are going.


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